Back Yoke

Dress shirt yoke: split back and plain backThe back yoke is probably the most unsung and heroic part of the dress shirt. The yoke is the sort of triangular panel of fabric located towards the top of the back under the shirt collar. It extends from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Its fundamental purpose is to reinforce the back of the shirt – not unlike the placket. Though we don’t often consider this, our shoulders and back see the most contact with jackets, sweaters, bags and thus the most friction of any other part of the shirt.

You may be more familiar with yokes than you think. Front yokes are common to Western style dress shirts, though they’re not to be confused with the back yoke which is what we’re talking about here.

There are two main types of back yokes: a plain back yoke, and a split back yoke. The difference is between them is whether they’re made from one piece of fabric (plain) or two pieces – each from the center line to the shoulder blade (split). We favor plain back yokes here at J.J. Threads, but are happy to accommodate your preferences. If you’re so inclined, please feel free to email us at to request a split back yoke.