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  • Top 40 Young Professional Bloggers

    Written by jjthreads on Aug 18, 2014

    Young entrepreneurs are what make the workforce exciting today. With new ideas, huge ambition, and deviation from the norm (not to mention naturally great style), the future is looking brighter than ever before. 

    We've put together a list of top notch young professional bloggers who share some great ideas across the web:

    • 20 Something Finance - G.E. Miller provides advice and insights for 20-somethings to gain financial freedom instead of working over 40 hours per week just to pay the bills.
    • A Young Pro - After graduating college and entering the professional world, Nick realized how little he actually knew about being a professional, so he began A Young Pro to help others feel more prepared.
    • Ask the Young Professional - A resource for collaborative support and community this blog was created by a young professional for young professionals, providing news and tips for succeeding in the professional world.
    • Balkhis - Sayed created his first business when he was seven years old. Now as a young adult entrepreneur, he blogs about his experiences as an entrepreneur in the online marketing and development world.
    • Boulder Young Professionals - Boulder Young Professionals helps connect the local business community through social development and networking opportunities. Their blog provides tips and spotlights for the young, Colorado professional.
    • Brad Aronson - Brad is an entrepreneurial leader who enjoys advising fellow entrepreneurs (especially 16 to 21 year olds). As a young entrepreneur himself, he enjoys writing about other entrepreneurs and business that inspire him.
    • Brian Solis - This prominent blogger and speaker provides information for professionals looking to build their image through media strategy.
    • Business from the Kitchen Table - Daniel writes about starting a business from scratch (at your kitchen table perhaps) and how anyone can create the business they want with simple steps that make starting out easy.
    • Corn on the Job - Rich writes his blog based on his opinions of the professional world through his experience as a young professional in HR and staffing.
    • Dan Schawbel - Managing Partner of a Gen Y research and consulting firm, Dan blogs about workplace brands and personal branding across generations.
    • Dorm Room Biz - Chris started Dorm Room Biz as a resource for college kids (and all young entrepreneurs) who are interested in launching a business before they graduate college (from their dorm room).
    • Entrepreneurs Journey - Yaro writes for his fellow entrepreneurs, offering advice on how to start a successful business by blogging, creating newsletters, and selling products online.
    • Exile Lifestyle - Colin is a young professional who has started and run nearly a dozen entrepreneurial endeavors and blogs about anything that comes to mind.
    • Fitz Villafuerte - Fitz has achieve the financial independence he set out for and blogs to pay it forward,  He shares his knowledge to help others find wealth and abundance in their lives.
    • Flight Media - Josh is a marketing, advertising, and web design entrepreneur who blogs to give advice to other young entrepreneurs on how to be successful in their business.
    • Get Free Flights - Bryce is an entrepreneur and travel hacker blogging to help others travel inexpensively and live the life they've always dreamed of.
    • Ivan Mazour - Serial entrepreneur and founder of Ometria, Ivan blogs about technology, ecommerce, and investment from an impressive amount of experience for such a young entrepreneur.
    • Josh Allen - Josh is a young consultant and thought-leader on the future of work.  He explores how leaders and entrepreneurs thrive in today's economy and create change in the "standard" of the professional work environment.
    • Just Creative - Jacob blogs about graphic design and being a professional graphic designer. JUST Creative is his entrepreneurial venture.
    • Just Ty - Ty has made it a mission for himself to travel around the world and meet fellow young professionals to learn what motivates them and how they learn to be successful in their lives.
    • Kanyi Maqubela - Kanyi is a budding young entrepreneur who was on the founding team of Doostang. He blogs about his experience and success as a young entrepreneur.
    • Louis Lautman - Louis is a consultant for entrepreneurs and finds true joy in helping other people lead successful lives while constantly seeking ways to improve himself and his methods as well.
    • Mars Dorian - Mars blogs about how to stand out as a professional through unique and bold design.
    • Matt Blogs IT - As a young professional in the tech scene, Matt blogs about his experiences in IT and what sort of programs he uses and projects he works on.
    • Millionaire Acts - Tyrone blogs to help others achieve their dreams, which for many includes making enough money to live comfortably and live life on your own terms.
    • Noel Bookkeeping - Ruth blogs to help others harness their natural talents to create and live a life they love with financial freedom. Based on her personal experience, she blogs about how to manage your finances as an entrepreneur.
    • Retire at 21 - Michael started Retire at 21 as a young entrepreneur who discovered a need to network with other young entrepreneurs. He blogs to help others gain financial independence.
    • Reviewz N Tips - Daniel is a young computer science student who uses his blog to teach others how to blog, use social media, and content marketing professionally to create his own consulting business.
    • Road 2 Residuals - Marty is a young professional with a vision of starting multiple businesses and organizations. He blogs to learn and teach others how to become a better entrepreneur.
    • Ryan Stephens Marketing - Ryan believes in the power of the internet and its ability to cultivate ideas and conversations. He blogs to harness this power and is a young entrepreneur who coaches others on professional development.
    • Sean Ogle - Sean started blogging to hold himself accountable to everything he wanted to accomplish on his "bucket list",  including to build a business you can run from anywhere to create freedom for the lifestyle you want.
    • Small Biz Technology - Ramon is a journalist, writer, and event producer blogging to help small businesses use technology to grow through both events and online content.
    • Stephen Ou - Stephen Ou is a young web app entrepreneur for Fortune 1000 companies. As a non-native English speaker, Stephen Ou writes his blog to improve his English and share about his entrepreneurial ventures.
    • The Classy Cubicle - After realizing that most fashion blogs aren't practical for the professional world, Mary started blogging about work-appropriate attire for women.
    • The Ebay Entrepreneur - After learning he could create a full-time business by selling items on Ebay, Tristan now blogs to teach others how to achieve a successful full time business as well.
    • Thrilling Heroics - As a writer, traveler, and 'nomadic entrepreneur,' Cody blogs to teach others how to be successful by breaking free of conventional work lifestyle and building your own entrepreneurial projects.
    • Watch Anish - Anish founded Watch Anish as a watch and menswear specialist, kicking off his young professional life and networking with an elite group of watch and fashion experts in London.
    • Young Upstarts - Daniel is constantly amazed by the resilience of entrepreneurs and blogs to share stories about their experience and leadership to help others learn how to be better at what they do.
    • Young, Polished & Professional - Becca uses her blog to offer career and professional advice for college students or young professionals who are just venturing out into the working world.
    • Zac Johnson - Zac is an online entrepreneur who blogs about online business, marketing news, and affiliate marketing as well as his personal experiences.


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Top 40 Young Professional Bloggers

Young entrepreneurs are what make the workforce exciting today.  With new ideas, huge ambition, and deviation from the norm (not to mention naturally great style), the future is looking brighter than ever before. 

We've put together a list of top notch young professional bloggers who share some great ideas across the web.