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News Roundup: Weirdest Way to Knockup Your Girlfriend; Million Dollar Racks; Gadgets and CEOs

- Just because you're giant corporation doesn't meant you can't lay the smack down. Oracle issues nyah-nyah press release in response to alleged lie by Autonomy CEO. Short story shorter, Autonomy's CEO said he never shopped the company to Oracle. Oracle whips back with, "We still have his Powerpoint slides." Hate to say we toldja so… [via Oracle's press release]

- A 15-year-old girl without a vagina is impregnated after oral sex and being stabbed in the belly with a knife, in that order. Moral of the story: your sperm are superhuman. [via WHAS11]

- Hugh Hefner's ex-flame Holly Madison has her (fake) breasts insured for $1 million dollars. What's your appraisal? [via The Superficial]

- Amazon releases its iPad-esque Kindle Fire for $199. You've got the car, the watch… [via Amazon]