Best Dressed Male Bloggers

At J.J. Threads we’re always on the lookout for men who love unique style almost as much as we do!

Not to long ago, new fashion was exclusive to magazines and the runways. Today we live in the blogging world where we get to see real men experiment and review fashion and show off their personal style.

We thought we’d celebrate these mens style bloggers by naming the 50 Best Dressed Mens Style Bloggers. Each of these bloggers gives exciting glimpses inside their closets, gives insight into new products and brands they love, and helps their readers become inspired to create their own style as an expression of who they are.

These blogs are in no particular order, we think they’re all equally as suave.

A Headlong Dive – This style blog, written by Jeremiah Simmons, comes from a more approachable angle covering everyday style for the average guy in a witty and honest voice. Simmons compares different styles and brands to help readers achieve their ideal style.

Alexander Liang – Founder of Kenton magazine, fashion editor and blogger, Alexander Liang, is considered one of Canada’s top 10 style influencers. His blog chronicles his personal style and life.

An Acute Style – This math teacher uses his blog as an exploration for finding an acute sense of style on a budget (items no more than $90) and to document his everyday style findings.

An Affordable Wardrobe – A love for clothes and style can come at a hefty cost, but Giuseppe Timore was not prepared to give up his threads in favor of a budget. Instead, he has developed a strategy for creating a poised and affordable wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank.

Bespoke Man – Style enthusiast and contributor to Esquire Philippines, Kevin Yapjoco, blogs about his passion for and vast knowledge of menswear and gives advice (even hosting reader Q&As) for readers seeking fashion advice.

Beyond Fabric – Miguel Amaral Vieira believes fashion is an important expression of one’s style and perceived image.  His blog is a collection of style inspiration that documents self-expression through fashion.

Black and Tanned – With his men’s style blog, Jonathan Evans, explores men’s fashion with a special focus on leather pieces.

Buckets and Spades – What began as a place to store inspiring images, artists, and ideas is now a successful fashion, design, and lifestyle blog by Mat Pike. He has been named as one of the world’s top fashion blogs and one of the most-followed fashion blogs in the UK.

Daily Mister – McArthur Joseph is a freelance lifestyle writer, stylist, and digital consultant.  He created Daily Mister as a destination for young gentlemen to come for inspiration in style, entertainment, and culture.

Fashion for the Average Man – As Jeremy Gradney developed his personal style, he found himself constantly giving advice to his friends and family.  That advice eventually transformed into a blog aimed at providing practical style advice for the average man.

Gents Among Men – Created by Max Twitty, this blog provides fashion, groom, and lifestyle advice for the 21st century gentleman.

George Hahn – George Hahn’s online magazine explores affordable fashion options that don’t sacrifice style or quality.

Grey Fox – Started by David Evans and aimed at men over 40, this style blog gives fashion advice and inspiration to middle aged men who are often neglected in advertising and by the fashion industry.

Fashitects – Toni Tran created this blog to merge fashion, architecture, and photography because together they all create a complete image and visual language is the most powerful and international language there is.

He Spoke Style – Brian Sacawa uses his creativity to connect his love for music with his passion for great style.

I Am Galla – Adam Gallagher hails from Southern California and has experience in modeling and photography.  His blog is filled with beautiful photos that capture his everyday style and chronicles his travels.

Image Granted – This D.C. based menswear consultancy, launched by Grant Harris, helps individual and corporate clients find and maintain their best image for branding or personal style.

Jair Woo – Men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jair Woo, covers fashion inspiration, products, travel, and personal style with YouTube videos and image-heavy posts.

Last Style of Defense – Considered one of the most influential menswear bloggers in the world (as well as a BBC broadcaster and fashion writer), Dan Hasby-Oliver covers style, news, and products from London to Los Angeles.

Le Vrai Winston – This gentleman’s style blog written by Men’s Flair columnist, Winston Chesterfield, documents his personal style with a gentleman’s flair.

Life, Tailored – Andrew Wise focuses on brands that place an emphasis on craftsmanship and quality.  His blog keeps readers informed of emerging brands and new products from classic labels so that his followers can build a balanced wardrobe that’s budget-friendly.

Look Rich, Shop Cheap – Denny Balmaceda aims to achieve a rich look at an affordable price through thrift and vintage shopping. He shares his everyday looks and where and how to get them at an affordable price.

Men In Style Society – For Shane Samuel, fashion is art and style is expressing it to the world. This blog is a space of ideas and inspiration to help other men express that art and create new styles that work for them.

Men’s Style Pro – Sabir M. Peele develops his style on a limited budget with the understanding that not all style lovers have unlimited spending budgets. He blogs about fashion, and gives style tips and advice, but is also available for personal style consultation

Michael84 – Michael Adams is considered one of the most prominent men’s fashion bloggers in the UK. He provides fashion & grooming advice, and highlights the latest style trends, tech products, and beyond.

Modern Fellows – D.C. professional, Jake, is pleased to see that men’s style is moving away from the “disheveled mess” of the early 2000s toward a more sophisticated and groomed appearance. His blog celebrates the entrepreneurs who are helping men dress sharply in the digital age.

Mr. Cavaliere – With the title, “Canada’s Sharpest Man,” Jonathan Cavaliere shares his fashion ideas and inspiration to help others develop and take pride in their own personal style.  He addresses common fashion dilemmas, and provides insight into the history of men’s garments and how to wear them today.

Necessary & Proper – This D.C. blogging couple, Van and Lauren, shares a love for sophisticated and dapper style as well as entertaining and social life in D.C.

Of Mice and Menswear – A recently new resident to San Francisco, Anthony Villegas, shares his exploration into the world of men’s fashion (and women’s fashion as well) from consignment to designer.

Off the Cuff – Chris Hogan founded this blog to act as a resource for thoughtful and objective advice incorporating classic style into modern menswear, also providing menswear consulting to create a classic-modern style.

One Dapper Street – German blogger, Marcel Floruss, loves everything related to fashion and uses this blog to document his daily personal style through high-quality photos and peeks into his favorite brands.

Paul McGregor – Founder of Men’s Fashion Magazine, the frequent lecturer at the London College of Fashion, Paul McGregor, also keeps this blog to provide fashion advice to his followers.

Perfect Gentleman – Motivated by pure curiosity about the world of men’s fashion, and with the belief that men should always dress presentably, Mxolisi Ngonelo’s goal  is to for his blog to be an approachable source for men’s fashion and lifestyle in South Africa.

Pinoy Guy Guide – What started as a personal blog to document Chris’s latest style, soon grew into a blog about men’s fashion (with a focus on Filipino men’s fashion), lifestyle, and how-to guide.  PGG has won Best Fashion and Lifestyle blog from the Philippine Blog Awards 2.

Royal Fashionist – This blog, based in San Francisco, is designed to be a man’s guide to fashion and fitness for the everyday man written by Marcas Silva.

Scout Sixteen – This New York-based style blog is a place for style inspiration and discovery as well as home and lifestyle posts. Justin Livingston’s style is focused on creating a unique voice and perspective.

Sharpened Lead – As a men’s fashion writer in London, Colin Chapman blogs about his favorite brands and designers, writing reviews and giving an inside glimpse to the fashion world.

Simpler Man – Mark Kwak started this blog as a way to purge his closet from his college days, but it became a daily passion that allows him to explore his personal style as well as help other men dress better.

SMF – Elias El-indari devotes this blog to putting together killer outfits to inspire his readers. While heavy image-based style is the main focus of this blog, the true goal is to influence a well-rounded gentleman through travel and lifestyle posts as well.

Stay Classic – LA-based photographer, Tim Melideo, uses his photography skills to document his personal, everyday style from affordable brands to create a sophisticated look.

Style Girlfriend – Not a male blogger, but we thought this lady deserves an honorable mention for best dressed style. Megan Collins’ blog is devoted to giving solid style advice to men from a female perspective.

Style’N’Tonic – Greek fashion magazine creative director, Constantinos, blogs about fashion, music and sparkling drinks (often blending them together). This blog documents his personal style and mood.

The Dandy Project – This blog, inspired by a fascination with bowties, is a fashion and style blog that embraces modern dandyism and explores new personalities through clothing written by fashion writer and style consultant, Izzy Tuason.

The Fine Young Gentleman – After Justin Jeffers began noticing a decline in the fashion sense of young men (specifically American men), he created this blog as a reaction to all the poorly dressed men out there in hopes of educating young men on how to dress as young gentlemen again.

The Gentlemen’s Standard – Glen Antoine Palmer aims to use his blog inspire gentlemen of color who want to pursue sophisticated style. This blog hopes to be a destination for the modern gentleman seeking to be cultured, intelligent, and possess smart style.

The Modest Man – For men of modest height finding well-fitting clothing can be a struggle. Brock gives advice on how to find tailor-made clothing that’s affordable and customizable for a perfect fit.

The Shy Stylist – Through his blog, JJ explains that great style doesn’t have to be the craziest or loudest style.  JJ believes style expresses who you are or who you want to be which is why some of the best style isn’t seen on the runway, but can be found on the streets on everyday people.

The Upper Echelon – Justin Greathouse uses his posts to inspire his readers to use their creativity to find their own sense of fashion, and appreciation of arts and innovation through aspects of Upper Echelon culture.

Trend Styled – NYC blogger, Saul, writes about style, grooming, and travel while modeling his own personal style and sharing his favorite men’s grooming products.

Walking, Talking Style – Justin loves using writing as an outlet for expressing his passions, specifically his passion for men’s fashion and style.  He believes everyday your fashion choices represent a personal masterpiece created by you and brilliant designers.