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Cash For Creativity

Bitcoin for Dress Shirt Creativity

J.J. Threads’ unique approach to design branches from its core principle of customization. All our shirts are made-to-fit for each individual and stitched upon order. Our community-led design platform allows everyone to be a designer, and be rewarded for it too.


After you’ve set up a profile and gone through the process of designing a dress shirt to fit your needs, J.J. Threads will give you the option to custom name your design and have it stored in our system. If another customer were to then order a shirt and choose your customised design for their purchase, then J.J. Threads will reward you USD 20 per design or USD 20 in Bitcoin for being the original designer of the piece.

This cash for creativity offer lets our smartly dressed community really own their designs and also benefit in monetary terms for it.

After all, everyone wants to dress well.