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Men's Dress Shirts /

Blue, Orange And Multi Print Poplin San Andres Blue, Orange And Multi Print Poplin

Blue, Orange And Multi Print Poplin

By danusho   

USD $ 149.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail

San Andres

Just like the beautiful Carribean Sea, this beautiful Liberty of London paisley in orange & pink on a navy base, will surely make waves - in the best possible way. Alone as a body fabric or paired with a complementary pastel, this guy would make an incredible addition to even the most sophisticated wardrobe. 


100% Cotton

Made in Italy

Shirt Detail

Body: San Andres

Collar : Acapulco (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Acapulco (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Acapulco (Two Buttons)

Inner Cuff: Hey Joe (Two Buttons)

Placket: San Andres (Classic)

Button: Regular (Nautical)

Stiching: Regular