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Men's Dress Shirts /

Cam Hatteras White, Blue, Green And Red Check Linen


By GuneetB   

USD $ 119.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail


You're looking at azure Atlantic waters, green slashes of seagrass, and the tall white columns of lighthouses rising in the distance. Look closely - it's all in there. All of it. Your favorite escape, captured within the folds of this 100% cotton oxford cloth fabric. While it may not be a substitute for the real thing, it sure looks good with a pair of khakis.

Shirt Detail

Body: Hatteras

Collar : Hatteras (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Hatteras (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Hatteras (Two Buttons)

Inner Cuff: Hatteras (Two Buttons)

Placket: Hatteras (Classic)

Inner Placket: Hatteras (No Piping)

Button: Regular (Red)

Stiching: J.J.Threads