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Men's Dress Shirts /

Chilkoot Trail Merle White, Black, Blue And Red Check Poplin

Chilkoot Trail

By KellyBoissonnas   

USD $ 119.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail


"Old man country" music is one of those essentially American things. It's hard to imagine this particular musical genre without thinking about plaids, kinda like this one. Merle, named for that quintessential old man of country, is exactly what comes to mind when we think of fall nights accompanied by a twangy guitar. 

Shirt Detail

Body: Merle

Collar : Merle (Button down)

Inner Collar: Aurora Borealis (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Merle (Single Button)

Inner Cuff: Kuala Lumpur (Single Button)

Placket: Merle (Classic)

Inner Placket: Merle (No Piping)

Button: Regular (Olive)

Stiching: J.J.Threads