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Men's Dress Shirts /

Fort Mason Fort Mason White, Orange, Purple And Pink Check Twill

Fort Mason

By KellyBoissonnas   

USD $ 119.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail

Fort Mason

Just like it's name, this fabric will keep you warm on a chilly "Frat Mason" day. This soft & cozy flannel twill is perfect for an afternoon out on the Great Meadow with your buddies. It's unique color combination make this purple plaid ideal for any guy's "fratshionista" needs.



Shirt Detail

Body: Fort Mason

Collar : Fort Mason (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Fort Mason (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Fort Mason (Single Button)

Inner Cuff: Fort Mason (Single Button)

Placket: Fort Mason (Classic)

Button: Regular (Beige)

Stiching: Regular