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Hilton Pink Kir Royale Pink Oxford

Hilton Pink

By JHilton   

USD $ 89.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail

Kir Royale

This classic oxford cloth fabric is the sartorial equivalent of a glass of Kir Royale, that classic aperitif that blends crime de cassis with a good measure of champagne. Kir Royale is luxurious, feels great, and always adds just a touch of class to whatever it is you're doing. Versatile, comfortable, and appropriate for business or sport, this 100% cotton oxford cloth is one fabric you can count on to see you through in style.

Shirt Detail

Body: Kir Royale

Collar : Kir Royale (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Kir Royale (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Kir Royale (Two Buttons)

Inner Cuff: Kir Royale (Two Buttons)

Placket: Kir Royale (Classic)

Button: Regular (White)

Stiching: Regular