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Men's Dress Shirts /

LibertyLinen Hey Joe Blue Print Poplin


By jsandman   

USD $ 149.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail

Hey Joe

Hey Joe, named for the poignant Jimi Hendrix song, is yet another incredible textile from London's House of Liberty. It's no accident that this house, famous for its remarkable prints, has stood the test of time (just about 140 years in fact). This one, a white micro-floral on a rich royal blue background, is just the thing for the man who has everything, but still wants more. 

Shirt Detail

Body: Hey Joe

Collar : Hey Joe (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Cozumel (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Hey Joe (Two Buttons)

Inner Cuff: Cozumel (Two Buttons)

Placket: Hey Joe (Classic)

Inner Placket: Capitol (Narrow Piping)

Button: Regular (White)

Stiching: Regular