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Men's Dress Shirts /

Tight Zebra Bukowski White And Black Stripe Poplin

Tight Zebra

By chaseav2   

USD $ 89.00


Shirt Body fabric Detail


This slightly narrower black and white stripe is a bit busier and more intense than its cousin Updike, so it's no wonder at all that it was named after the Bukowski himself. Pay your respects, live fast, take risks and rock out. 

100% Cotton

Shirt Detail

Body: Bukowski

Collar : Bukowski (Semi Cut-Away)

Inner Collar: Los Cabos (Semi Cut-Away)

Cuff : Bukowski (Two Buttons)

Inner Cuff: Los Cabos (Two Buttons)

Placket: Bukowski (Classic)

Inner Placket: Bukowski (No Piping)

Button: Regular (Black)

Stiching: J.J.Threads